Review of “Lucky Boy” by Shanthi Sekaran

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Penguin Group Putnam, G.P. Putnam’s Sons for the e-book of “Lucky Boy” by Shanthi Sekaran. Especially with the recent news of immigration, this is a timely read. The genre of this book is fiction. The author writes of Solimar, an undocumented Mexican, who has a treacherous journey to America and gives birth to a baby boy. Kavya an America Indian woman, has faced fertility issues and wants a baby more than anything. When Solimar is in an accident in America, her baby boy is placed in a foster situation with Kavya and her husband. Solimar finds herself in a detention center ,not certain of her future. Solimar only wants her baby.
At the same time Kavya and her husband have fallen in love with their foster child.
As the description of the book describes:There are no bad guys in this story,no single obvious hero.”
I find that the author describes issues of heartbreak and frustration of infertility. as well as immigration, and non documented people.The detention centers are described as almost lawless, providing no legal rights , as well issues of deportation. What rights does a foster or natural mother have?
Shanthi Sekaran has written a very emotional novel that gives me much to think about.

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