My Review of “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate


I would like to thank Random House Publishing Group-Ballantine and Lisa Wingate for the ARC (advanced reading copy) of “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate for my honest review.
The genres of this novel are Women’s Fiction and Historical Fiction. This story has fictional characters but is based on the true scandal with Georgia Tann and the Memphis Adoption home. Children were kidnapped, and disadvantaged parents would sign papers unaware that their children were being sold to wealthy families for profit. There were reported cases of abuse and deaths at this Adoption home. Georgia Tann had many top Politicians and the law by her side, depriving the children of their rights, and treating them as chattel.
The timeline and places for this story are in the past, 1939 in Memphis Tennessee, and in the present time in South Carolina.
The characters are described as complicated and complex. Georgia Tann is described as evil, dangerous, manipulative, and corrupt. Most of the employees that worked for Georgia Tann turned a blind eye, and some were sadistic and were bullies.
The author describes the children as innocent, frightened , scared, confused. Some of the children were brave and courageous.
In “Before We Were Yours”, Lisa Wingate tells the story about a family that lives in a shanty by the river.The mother is having a difficult time delivering twins, and has to be moved to get medical help. In the time that the parents are gone, the children are taken by the local law officials and placed in the Memphis Adoption Agency.
I appreciate the way that Lisa Wingate writes about the hard times at the adoption home where the children are brought. I could feel my heart break at some of the parts in this story. The storytelling shifts between the past and the present.
Avery is a prominent attorney part of a wealthy and politically active family. Her father is in a political high political position. One of the discussions they are in involve nursing homes, and how the elderly are treated.
At one of the homes that they visit, an older resident calls Avery a different name, and insists that they know each other. This starts Avery on an adventure to discover her family and her self.
I like the way the author writes about betrayal, loyalty, and secrets. The author also describes family, friends, trust, love and hope, The author makes me think, what is the cost for searching for the truth? How could this scandal go on for so long and cause the consequences that it did for many families and children?
I would highly recommend this intriguing novel, and look forward to reading more from the author. There are some Kleenex moments.

7 comments on “My Review of “Before We Were Yours” by Lisa Wingate”

  1. I am in awe of this captivating book. I enjoy the authors history and research blogs so much. I’m trying to sore all of them and print them out and put them in my book. This is a passionate novel.


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