“Match Made in Manhattan” by Amanda Stauffer



My Review of “Match Made in Manhattan” by Amanda Stauffer

Kudos to Amanda Stauffer , Author of “Match in Manhattan” for such an entertaining, witty and unique story. The blurb for the story states” The Awkward, Romantic, and Cringeworthy  Struggles of Trying to Find The One in the Digital Dating Age.” The genre for this book is Fiction and Women’s Fiction.  The story takes place in Manhattan.

What do you do when your boyfriend of several years is sort of hesitating, stalling, and indecisive of the next step in the relationship, of you moving in with him.? Your girlfriends are getting engaged, and in many cases you are the “Queen” of being the maid of honor.  Well, our heroine Alison decides that it is time to move on in a new direction. Alison has had two long-term relationships and really is not sure what to expect in the dating scene.  Alison luckily has the emotional support of her girlfriends, and her family, and signs up for “Match.com” an internet computer dating site.

The author describes her colorful cast of characters as complex, complicated and confused. The author uses a subtle sense of humor in her writing. I love the way Alison is close with her friends, and that her parents and brother have her back. This reminds me sort of “Sex in the City”, with mostly Alison coming to grips with “Match.com” In this book, the author provides  chapters of the various men that Alison meets.  Alison is a hardworking  single girl, and has  certain rules for dating.  Throughout the different stories, the author gives  a feel that we have a front row seat to Alison’s dating life.

Alison gets to meet a variety of men, with different personalities. Sometimes these meetings seem awkward, witty, challenging, and the exchanges through Match.com, texting and e-mail are intriguing. Often the outcomes are confusing. and the expectations are not what she expects. I do love the growth and perspective of life that Alison seems to have.

I  enjoyed the author’s perspective of the new world of online dating. I would highly recommend this delightful and heartwarming story to readers of Women’s Fiction. I received An Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.

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