My Eulogy to my Loving Husband, Lewis Zagon, July 12, 2020, by Linda Zagon



BB25DA2D-E4CC-46E8-8659-E383EBA1DA73_1_201_aDedicated to Lewis


Today, I am here, with millions of memories and a broken heart


Lewis had so many roles in his life, I do not even know where to start


Lewis was a wonderful son and would check in daily with his mother to make sure that she and Max were okay.


Lewis was a perfectionist in his career as an Endodontist and tried to make every patient comfortable and pain- free their visit that day.


Lewis was a wonderful partner, husband, best friend, confidante, and so much more


Little did we realize the many challenges, both great and difficult that laid in store.


Lewis tried to be the best father to his son “Richard” Rich and tried to share and be involved in his life in the ways that he could


He loved his son, was proud of all of his achievements and encouraged him to do the best in life and be good


Lewis appreciated Stephanie his daughter -in law, and enjoyed her cooking and being a host.

Lewis loved it when we got to visit, see his grandsons and the family, I think the most.


Josephine, Frank, and Mary were family and friends and meant so much to Lewis and  I.


With them, in the family, we were lucky to reach the sky.


Lewis loved my sister Hilary and brother in law Steve and were so appreciative that they were there for us.


Lewis appreciates our kind and thoughtful neighbors and felt bad if they had to fuss.


Often, Lewis would express how appreciative he was for Amy, Briana, and Bunny, who always were there help in any way. There just aren’t enough words to express what he would say.


The Fluger family has always so special and such a part of our life for years.

Lewis loved all of you, And I thank you for sharing my tears.


Lewis appreciated his friends and would not want me to slight anyone

So, I do apologize, since this list surely is not done.


Lewis was an animal lover, and Alex at times seems so depressed and doesn’t want his father’s treat

I hope Buddy, Bambi, Milo, Princess, Muffy run from the Rainbow Gate/Bridge and are there for Lewis to greet.


Last several weeks, Lewis felt that Michael and Joseph were the light in the dark

Lewis has such enthusiasm speaking of his grandsons deep in his heart.

There are photographs of both of you everywhere in Lewis’ rooms of the house from all your years.

When he didn’t see you, he missed you so he would actually have tears.

Michael do you remember walking hand and hand with Pa Lewis in my Hall

He would hold your hand so you would not fall

Do you remember we would all be using instruments for shows that we would do?

Those memories, Lewis would talk about and smile, I did not know if you knew.

Joseph, do you remember Pa Lewis reading you a book?

You would sit next to him so you could have a look?

Do you remember  showing Pa Lewis the many things with Legos that  you would build and he would say  “That’s Great”

Pa Lewis loved all your thoughtful questions and often wonder what to anticipate.



 Lewis  enjoyed his  many  different hobbies and was happy to just stay at home and be content

Different types of music, electronic gadgets, Intriguing toys, pens, watches, etc. reading a book,

Always on the computer, always on the edge of technological new gadgets that he would look.

Would you believe that Lewis was determined to play the piano and guitar

I played the piano, while he strummed the guitar, we jammed, should have hit the road, and be a star.


It’s important to note, the importance of people to Lewis came from inside, he appreciated honesty thoughtfulness and being kind.

 To find a gem and gentleman like Lewis is very hard to find.

 Lewis, I love you so.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

I am so sorry it was time for you to go.



My deepest and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has shown emotional support, love, thoughtfulness, and kindness on our loss.

43 comments on “My Eulogy to my Loving Husband, Lewis Zagon, July 12, 2020, by Linda Zagon”

  1. Linda, This is beautiful. You were blessed to have such a wonderful husband – and he was blessed to have you. Thank you for sharing these beautiful memories and photographs. From things that you said, I always felt that you two had a very close relationship – and this shows that in so many memories. Do take good care of yourself at this difficult time. Thinking of you, Linda

    On Mon, Jul 13, 2020 at 12:05 PM Linda’s Book Obsession: wrote:

    > lindasbookobsession posted: ” Dedicated to Lewis Today, I am here, with > millions of memories and a broken heart Lewis had so many roles in his > life, I do not even know where to start Lewis was a wonderful son and > would check in daily with his mother to make su” >

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  2. What a beautiful eulogy. It brought tears to my eyes. Lewis was such a sweet man..I always looked forward to spending Passover together.
    May his memory be for a blessing.

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  3. Dearest Linda,
    Beautifully written with so much love. Lewis was a very special, kind, bright man.
    Though we only met the two of you a few times, the sweet impression both of you made on us is lasting and dear.
    Wishing you time to grieve and then to heal. Time helps.
    Love Rachelle & Steve
    Here for you…

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  4. What a beautiful tribute to your husband. Lewis was a caring, loving, interesting man. We never know how much time we have on this earth, and it seemed that Lewis used his well. His memory will live on, but I know you will miss him, and your home, your heart, will feel empty for a very long while. Embrace the grief, grieve for him and your life together, but remember that he would not want you to grieve forever. Sending you hugs.

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  5. Linda, I haven’t met either one of you, but I believe that both you and Lewis are very special people. I’m happy you found each other and shared a life together. Your eulogy is lovely. Thank you for sharing this moment with your fans.

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  6. Linda you have my sincere & deepest sympathy. July 14, 1999 my first husband died and June 18, 2014 my second husband died. They left a great void in my life but they are always with me. You never get over it but it will get easier with time. God will help you – all you have to do is ask him. Love, Pat

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  7. Linda, your beautiful eulogy to Lewis brought tears to my eyes. I wish with all my heart, that I could have met Lewis. I can see how special he was by your words and I know without a doubt that he loved you with all his heart and soul. Please know I am here for you, anytime day or night and you will be in my continued thoughts and prayers ❤XOXO

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  8. What beautiful words and a wonderful tribute to Lewis. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and you have my deepest condolences.

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  9. I’m very sorry for your loss, Linda. Lewis sounds like a wonderful person. Thinking of you and wishing you and your family strength and consolation.

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  10. Linda, so very sorry for your loss. That was beautifully written. I’m sure the boys will remember the way he loved them. Xoxo
    Lucille Grabow Bransfield

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  11. This is beautiful and reflects a beautiful person and beautiful life together. I’m so sorry for your devastating loss. C.S. Lewis says that grief is like a gray sky covering everything. God bless you and comfort you. 💔💔💔

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  12. What an absolutely beautiful tribute. You touched my heart and many others I am certain. I am so, so sorry about Lewis. A man such as he was is surely now in the palm of God’s hand. With love always, Bette

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  13. Dear Linda,
    Such beautiful words. Lewis would be very proud of you. Please take care of yourself and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love From Liz in Australia.

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