Review of “Every Dead Thing” by John Connolly

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Atria Books for this edition of “Every Dead Thing” by John Connolly to read and review. I read one of John Connolly’s later books ,” A Time of Torment”, and found that intriguing. “Every Dead Thing” is the very first book written in the Charlie Parker series written by John Connolly. The genre of this book is THRILLER,mystery and a touch of supernatural. I find that the author has written a very dark, horrific,terrifying,evil, and shocking novel. In this book, John Connelly’s wife and child have been murdered. The descriptions of their murders and others that follow are filled with gruesome, violent and bloody details.
The main character, Charlie “Bird” Parker is conflicted and at the edge. He seeks revenge for his wife and daughter’s brutal murder. At times his personality vacillates and he seems to be in survival mode or a killing mode. Most of the characters are quite flawed and conflicted as well. Charlie “Bird” Parker had been a police officer prior to his family’s killing. The story takes place in New York, New Orleans, and other areas. His acquaintances vary from FBI, Police, gangs, and seedy characters. I wonder if the author is attempting to portray Charlie Parker into an anti-hero?
The story discusses good and evil, life and death, mortality and immortality. I found the pace of the story very slow. Some of the scenes that are described really turned my stomach. There are some twists and turns, and a very surprising ending.

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