Review of “Brake Failure” by Alison Brodie


Review of “Brake Failure” by Alison Brodie

By Linda Zagon


I have to blame Alison Brodie for having to catch my breath from laughing so hard with her book “Brake Failure”. I really did enjoy this book and found it very entertaining!


The genres of this book are Contemporary Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Romance and Humor. I would also suggest satire.


I find that Alison Brodie’s description of her dysfunctional characters and circumstances are witty, humorous, amusing, and compelling.


The timeline of the story is just before the Millennium, and the Y2K meltdown.

The story starts when the people living in a home for the aged discover an injured body at their door. It is the Sheriff. Who shot the Sheriff?

Next we meet our heroine Ruby, very proper and prim and British. She is meeting her sister Claire for a challenging lunch. Both have brought distinguished guests. The sisters have an unusual sibling rivalry that almost borders on the absurd. To Ruby, Claire shows off her English airs and brags constantly. Ruby can’t wait to outdo her sister when she tells her she will be moving to Paris with her new husband for his job. The day of the wedding, Ruby’s new husband informs her there is a change of plans and that they will be going to Kansas. Of course this is a disappointment to Ruby.


Ruby’s adventures in Kansas with her new neighbors and friends planning for the Y2K Meltdown are hilarious. Her neighbors and friends love her British accent and only want to hear stories of the Queen.


Of course, Ruby’s romantic adventures are intriguing as well. There are twists and turns, and some suspense, and mystery.


I have had so much fun reading Alison Brodie’s novel, I was disappointed when it was over. I highly recommend this! Enjoy!!!

2 comments on “Review of “Brake Failure” by Alison Brodie”

  1. Thank you, Linda, at Linda’s Book Obsession for the five-star review of my romcom, Brake Failure. The turnaround was fast, you posted your review immediately, not just to Amazon and Goodreads but to a load of other sites, too! You are truly a professional reviewer of the highest calibre.


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