My review of “All the Best People” by Sonja Yoerg

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I would like to thank First to Read, Berkley Book, and Sonja Yoerg for the ARC ( Advanced Reading Copy) of “All the Best People” by Sonja Yoerg, for my honest review.
The genre for this book is Women’s Fiction. I also feel there is a little bit of Historical Fiction, and a touch of magical essence. The author describes mental illness, and the effects on the characters lifes and times.
I find that the author describes social political class conflict. There are those who are considered rich, and those that are considered poor by society’s standards. In this novel there is history of conflict with the Protestant elite and French Catholic lake dwelling families. Often the lake dwelling families were considered to have “bad blood”
In the beginning of the story, Solange, who comes from a lake dwelling family marries Osborn, who is one of the Protestant elite. Osborn is an up and coming attorney and represents a case against one of the lake dwelling families. This starts to cause a strain on the marriage. Solange and Osborn have a daughter, Carole.
When Solange doubts Osborn’s intentions, she tries to run away with Carole and her new baby daughter, later named Janine. Osborn takes the children and Solange winds up in a mental institution. In those days, husbands could easily have their wifes committed.
Ten year old Carole tries to look after her younger sister, while they live with a mean aunt.
Carole marries a kind man name Walt, and they have a daughter Alison. Carole does visit her mother,Solange at the mental Institution. Carole soon finds herself hearing voices, and is terrified that she is losing her mind.
Alison finds a blue box in the attic that had belonged to Solange, and tries to make and use magic spells to control the complex situations in her life.
Sonja Yoerg writes this story of three generations of conflicted and complex characters, Solange, Carole, and Alison. The author also mentions superstition, tarot cards, and magical spells.
Sonja Yoerg also symbolizes the water, lake and ocean with the character’s emotions.(angry or calm)
The effects of mental Illness on the family can be seen through the three generations. Can this be from the “bad blood”?
Kudos to Sonja Yoerg for dealing and describing, mental illness, social and political tensions, and family, loyalty, hope, faith and love. After reading this story, it makes me contemplate, Who “are the Best People”? I would highly recommend this intriguing and multi-layered read.

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