Meeting Great Authors!!Brenda Janowitz, Caroline Leavitt, and Jamie Brenner

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I had a great night on May 31,2017 at Turn of the Corkscrew! I met three wonderful authors, Brenda Janowitz, author of “The Dinner Party”,Caroline Leavitt, author of “Cruel Beautiful World” and Jamie Brenner, author or “The Forever Summer.”

I was so excited to finally meet the authors, and each one of them is friendly, sweet and genuine. They discussed spring and summer reads. I brought my sister, who had a fantastic time. Many books were recommended that can be found on Pop Sugar.

I did ask how long it takes to write a book, and the answers were interesting. Jamie Brenner said about nine months, and the audience started laughing, “like a baby”. Brenda Janowitz saidĀ  it takes about a year, and Caroline Leavitt said it takes her four years. Imagine the work that goes into writing a novel!!

There was a very nice turnout, and the feedback from many of the other people was that the authors were delightful, and it was a fun and informative night.

I have read all three books described above, and I highly recommend each one of them!!

I had a really fun night, and I applaud and appreciate all three of these amazing authors!! I can’t wait to see what they will be writing!!

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