Lindas Book Obsession Visits With Heather Burch and Lake Union Authors

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Thank you for welcoming me Lake Union Authors, and thank you to our host Heather Burch, author of “Something Like Family”.

First of all, I want to say there are so many wonderful authors, bloggers,  reviewers that help bring so much information, and enjoyment to readers.

I have always been an avid reader and  I love to read books of many genres. I am a retired teacher that used Literacy in all areas in the curriculum, and did workshops for the parents and other teachers. I incorporated music and art into the children’s activities to make reading meaningful to them..

I love to read and review as a hobby. I have several Kindles(that is another story for another day), and hundreds of hardcover and softcover books. I collect signed editions. We lost so many books that were in our heated garage in closets, when every living squirrel, mouse, and anything else you can think of, decided to make my garage theirs.(rent free of course)

I am a wanna- be writer, and actually wrote a column in a local newspaper years ago. I have tremendous respect for authors, and realize all the hours, sweat, and tears that go into their production of creating the novels we love to read.

I do receive many ARCS( Advanced Reading Copies) from publishers, authors, special author groups, Ninja-Great Thoughts, Great Readers,NetGalley and Edelweiss. I find it wonderful to read books in advance. I always look for the positive in a book, but not every book is for every reader.

If I really enjoy book, I will purchase either a Kindle copy, or a hardcover or paperback. SHHH! I could show you my charge card, but that is between us.

I feel that is a way to support and give back to the author.

I also created a wordpress Blog, where I post my reviews. What I feel is helpful to authors is I have this feed into all kinds of media .The blog feeds into Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook,Linked In, G+,Bloglovin”,Instagram and Tumblr. I find it  more convenient for readers to see my posts on a separate Facebook Page. Lindas Book Obsession.

I will also post reviews on LibraryThing(which goes to Twitter and FB) and BookBrowse.  Of course  I use Goodreads @teachlz, not only to keep a record of my books, but to provide a review. When the book is published I will put my review on (teachlz) and Barnes and Noble(teachlz). That is so HELPFUL to authors.

As a blogger I do have giveaways. I have the readers like follow and share the information.                                     Heather Burch was so generous and gracious to provide signed copies of “Something Like Family.” Since I loved “Everything About Family”, I really wanted to share that with other readers. I try to read almost every book that I have on my giveaway before I offer one. I also will offer(which is my way of saying thank you to the author), the “perks of DD or Starbucks coffee.” I also want the reader to get to know the author. Heather was very kind to do an interview, so that the readers could know her better. There are so many questions readers want to know. I also wanted to share the many books that Heather has published.

. Heather is an author that gets involved with the posts and keeps track and pays attention to the readers, and that makes it so much easier for me.

I do admit, I try and google other information (Does that make me a detective or stalker?) to see if I can add anything else, and ask the author before of course.

There are other wonderful bloggers that help the authors in many ways.

I know many of the Lake Union Authors, and they are really great! #Great Authors #Great Books!

Thank you to Lake Union Author, Heather Burch and all the wonderful readers, bloggers, reviewers, and authors that make reading such a fun experience.

You can visit me at or Lindas Book Obsession on Facebook!! Happy Reading!!!  Linda


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