Meet Susan Meissner, Author, and Some of Her Favorite Things



Lindas Book Obsession and the readers want to thank Susan Meissner for her generosity in her giveaway of two books “As Bright As Heaven”.


Susan is very delightful and was chatting with me about some of her favorite things,

Susan shared that her favorite books take her to another time and place, so she usually reads Historical Fiction. Right now, Susan is reading” Love and Other Consolation Prizes” by Jamie Ford. Susan is really enjoying it and says , “It is so good”. Other authors that Susan enjoys are : Kate Morton, Alice Hoffman and Geraldine Brooks.


Today Susan and her husband Bob are going to be meeting with a new puppy, a yellow Lab. It is the first time they are meeting the puppy and have to name it.    Susan had another yellow Lab that was loved an raised with her children, and then a Golden Retriever that was a sweet delight. They died of old age, and Susan and Bob are ready to open their hearts to a new dog. We wish you Congratulations, Good Luck and Happiness with your new Fur Baby.

Susan loves to cook and collects cookbooks. She doesn’t have much time to cook now with her busy schedule, but still buys cookbooks. She loves the pictures and the pages of ingredients.

In Susan’s spare time she volunteers with a group in San Diego called Words Alive, which is a non profit organization that reaches out to at risk youth to help them regain and keep a love of reading and writing.

Thank you Susan, for  taking the time to discuss some of your favorite things.!

Please visit and learn more about Susan. You can also sign up for Susan’s newsletters that come out 4 times a year.

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4 comments on “Meet Susan Meissner, Author, and Some of Her Favorite Things”

  1. I collect cookbooks too. Yesterday, at Costco, I Bought a Harry Potter cookbook. I doubt I make anything out of it but sure am loving reading the recipes and reflecting on the amazing Harry Potter series.


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