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My Review Of “Royally Wed” by Teri Wilson

Lindas Book Obsession Review of “Royally Wed” by Teri Wilson

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My Review of “Royally Wed” by Teri Wilson


I enjoyed reading  “Royally Wed” by Teri Wilson. The genres for this book are Romance and Women’s Fiction. This is the third book in the series, but easily is a standalone. The timeline for this story is the present. The story takes place in Great Britain, at Buckingham Palace, where there will be a Royal Wedding.  From the blurb,

”Teri Wilson’s series returns with the charming and witty retelling of the timeless classic MGM film “Royal Wedding” starring Fred Astaire.”

 The author describes the characters as complex, complicated and confused.

 Asher Reed, and American classical musician is called in to replace a sick Yo Yo Ma, in playing a cello solo for the royal wedding. Asher has been experiencing some personal problems and anxiety.

 Princess Amelia is marrying her best friend’s father, to save the crown. It does seem that Amelia is drawn to Asher Reed’s musical talents, and perhaps Asher.

 The Queen, is a bit irritating and has the most unique and unusual rules in the palace. One thing is for certain, she wants to see her daughter married.

 My favorite characters are the Corgis that rule and run the palace, especially Willow the one Corgi with a mind of her own.

 I would recommend this endearing, enchanting and witty story to readers that enjoy Romance. I received an Advanced Reading Copy of this book for my honest review.


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