My Review of “Spells & Oregano” by Patrica V. Davis

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MY Review of “Spells & Oregano” Book Two The Secret Spice Café, by Patricia V. Davis


OMG! WOW! This is the second time I am reading “Spells & Oregano” by Patricia V. Davis. I have been magicaly spellbound and captivated by this intriguing and intense novel. This is the second book in “The Secret Spice Café” series and this can be a stand-alone story.

 Kudos to Patrica V. Davis for weaving a multi-layered story and bringing up significant issues of our time. The genres for this story are Magical Realism, Fiction, Mystery, Para-Normal Activity and Suspense. The timeline of this story is set in the present and goes back to the past to clarify the events for the characters. Most of the action in the story takes place on The RMS Queen Mary, where the author describes the beauty, mystery, historical details, and rumors and truths of many secrets, spirits and ghosts, as well as para normal activity. Other locations mentioned are Brooklyn, New York, and Las Vegas. Cooking on the RMS Queen Mary is a very important part of this story.

  Patricia V. Davis describes her character as complex and complicated. Several of the characters have special surprising abilities. There are ghosts and spirits that seem to be sending messages and having “their” say. We have moved ten years forward in time and see that Sarita Taylor has psychic abilities and is not sure how to deal with her dreams and the secrets that have haunted her. Sarita does not like to leave the ship. The other characters from the first book are on board The RMS Queen Mary, some working in the kitchen, and some working in other areas on the ship. Sarita’s dreams and nightmares seem to be tied in with other new characters.

  In this book, Patricia V. Davis brings us the Magical Realism and the world of magic. The reader is introduced to two twins, each with different abilities.As they mature, they become magicians. Several terrible tragedies occur, that are important in relation to this book.

  The blurb says” A mother desperate to save her twin sons, a war veteran in torment, a beautiful young psychic with a terrible secret, a powerful magician with a shattered soul, and a Queen steeped in history and glory. These extraordinary beings cross paths and set off a remarkable chain of events in “Spells and Oregano” Book ll in The Secret Spice Café Trilogy.”

   There is also a dark mystery and much suspense that is going on the RMS Queen Mary. Someone is hurting and trying to sabotage Sarita and The Secret Spice Café. The author provides us with subtle clues, and after reading this a second time, I still could not have seen the conclusion. There are twists and turns, and danger. When ghosts and spirits are involved, it is more complicated.

  I appreciate that the author discusses feelings such as anger, fear, jealousy, betrayal, loyalty, trust, faith, hope and love.

 Patricia V. Davis brings in significant topics that are more than just “Fiction.” Some of these are: war and trauma, medical issues, mental issues, emotional issues, proper treatment, abuse, sibling rivalry, and a supportive network.

  I would recommend this engaging and fiery novel to readers that appreciate the genres of this book. I received an Advanced Reading Copy for my honest review.

I eagerly anticipate for the next book in this series. Happy Reading!

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