My Review of “Ginny Moon” by Benjamin Ludwig



My Review of “Ginny Moon” by Benjamin Ludwig

When you  decide to read the novel, “Ginny Moon”, by Author Benjamin Ludwig, just be prepared for an emotional and heartbreaking journey. Ginny Moon might be considered to be quirky and strange for a teenager. Ginny comes from a physically and mentally abusive home, and has been in two foster homes, and now is in “Forever”home with her “Forever Mom” and “Forever Dad”.  The biggest challenge of all is that Ginny Moon is Autistic, and her brain is wired differently from those people around her. What is so heartbreaking is Ginny tries to communicate to the adults in her world. She has learned their rules with difficulty.

It is must be so frustrating for Ginny to explain why her Baby Doll is so important. Her adoptive parents response to Ginny is that they will get a new one. Ginny is obsessive about eating her 9 grapes in the morning, and had to follow a predictable routine. Ginny loves Michael Jackson, and plays sports. Most important of all to Ginny is to get her Baby doll back from her abusive mother. Ginny is strong-willed and is determined if it means being kidnapped, she has to get her Baby doll back.

Kudos to Author Benjamin Ludwig for bringing compassion and understanding of an autistic child to light for us to read. The genre of this story is Fiction, and has some realistic feel. How would any child react to being in an abusive situation? The adults in Ginny’s life are confused, and seem to have problems in coping with Ginny’s behavior, and communicating with her.

Ginny’s Forever Mother is expecting a baby, and  this creates a new set of problems for the parents as well as Ginny. Of course, my favorite character is Ginny. I appreciate that the author mentions Autism, the spectrum, and disabilities, the importance of family support, friends, and therapy. I would recommend this charming, endearing, and captivating novel for those readers who enjoy an emotional story . I received a copy of this story for my honest review.

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