Meet Author Susan Furlong , Author of “Splintered Silence”: Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Susan Furlong

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These are some of Susan Furlong’s books:S1PLQOkFStW7PdxD%HS1zA.jpg






  • Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Susan Furlong
    1. What motivates you or inspires you to write your stories?
    Writing, for me, is a way to make sense of the world. I tend to
    be a bit of a loner, always watching and observing and trying to
    understand what motivates peoples’ actions. The human
    impulses and decisions that arise from conflict fascinate me. I
    write flawed characters who struggle to make moral decisions.
    2. What are your goals or hopes for your readers to take away
    after reading your stories?
    I strive to create memorable characters who captivate and stay
    with my readers long after the story is finished.
    3. Do you ever base any of your characters on significant
    people or acquaintances that you know?
    I pull traits from those around me: a strange quirk from the
    grocery check-out guy; a certain gesture from a friend; a figure
    of speech from a neighbor … but I never put an ‘actual’ person
    in one of my stories. But it’s tempting, because a lot of people I
    know would make intriguing characters.
    4. What are some of your hobbies or interests in your downtime
    that you like to do? (crafts, animals, gardening, etc.)
    In the summer, it’s all about spending time outside with my
    family: hiking, fishing, gardening, kayaking. In the winter, we
    spend the weekends working puzzles and binge-watching
    movies. I’m active in my church and I also like marital arts and
    target shooting. I’m working on a marksman certificate.
    5. Do you have some new books in the works, and if so can
    you tell us a little about what to expect?
    FRACTURED TRUTH, is set to release later this year. It’s the
    second of the Bone Gap Travellers series and goes deeper and
    darker than the first. I think it’s my strongest novel to date. I’m
    currently working on the third book in that series and writing a
    standalone thriller.
    6. What are your favorite genres of books?
    Mysteries of any type, from hardboiled to cozy. I also read a lot
    of biographies and spiritual books.
    7. How would you like your readers to contact you?
    I love to hear from readers!
    Readers can find me on Twitter @Furlong_Sue and on Facebook
    and Instagram @Susan Furlong – Author
    Or email me directly via the contact information on my website
    Thank you so much, Susan Furlong for such and intriguing and heartfelt interview. I appreciate your time. Many thanks again .

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