My Review of “Half a Heart” by KAREN McQuestion

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Kudos to Karen McQuestion, Author of “Half a Heart” for  writing such an emotional, significant, and thought-provoking story.  The genre for this story is Fiction. The topics discussed in this story are important issues that  happen in society today.

The Author describes her characters as flawed, complicated and complex possibly due to the circumstances.  If you are emotional like me, be sure to have Kleenex ready.  The father in the story is an angry alcoholic, living in a dysfunctional way. He is portrayed as a bully and takes his anger out on his 9-year-old son Logan. Logan has been emotionally traumatized and physically abused by the hands of his father. Terrified of his father, Logan runs away.  Besides the emotional and physical scars that 9 year old Logan has, he can’t speak.  From what he has seen, psychologically, Logan can’t talk. He is mute. His mother is dead. He has been told his beloved Grandmother has died.

What is so disturbing to me, that in Logan’s adventures, no one seems to want to see a neglected skinny boy, with a taped shoe. Fortunately, there have been a few wonderful and kind teachers in his life.

Logan is resourceful and manages to hide, and get food for a few days. The people he seems to meet are kind and concerned. Not only do some people touch Logan’s life, but Logan has made a difference in a few people’s life as well. I like that there is a lovable dog in the story as well.

Logan doesn’t know his Grandmother is alive,has been searching for him. She has hired a detective. His abusive father kept moving around, and purposely excluded her from Logan’s life. Logan’s Grandmother knows that the father is a very dangerous man. The Grandmother keeps tearfully saying that Logan is “half of her heart”. How will Logan be safe? Will his Grandmother be able to find Logan?

I appreciate that the author brings up such significant  issues as physically  and emotionally abused children, bullying, alcoholism, addiction and violence. What does it take to help the victims, and stop the violence? The author also discusses the importance of family, friends, hope and love.  I would highly recommend this novel for those who read fiction. I received an Advanced Reading Copy from NetGalley for my honest review.


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