My Review of “Izzy As Is” by Tracie Banister

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My Review of “Izzy As Is” by Tracie Banister


Tracie Banister , Author of “Izzy As Is” has written a witty, humorous, sexy, and enjoyable novel. The Genres for this story are Chick Lit, and Women’s Fiction. The author describes her colorful cast of characters as quirky, dysfunctional, complex and complicated.

The star of our story is Izzy Alvarez. Izzy has been a successful bikini model, and I  am quite envious that she is able to eat anything in sight and not gain an ounce. When I first met Izzy,  she seemed very shallow. vain, and used to living a very expensive life.  When I met the rest of her family, I just held my head. . It sort of reminds me of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”.  Each member of the Alvarez family has a unique personality. Izzy really is very loyal and enterprising for her family and friends. Izzy just does things in her way.

Problems occur, when Izzy who will be 30 has aged out of her career. She is too old to model in bikinis. What can she do? One thing that has crossed her mind  is to find a wealthy husband. With the help of her teenage nephew who is a computer genius, Izzy has great plans to accomplish  these goals. What is it that Izzy really wants? Will Izzy get her happily ever after?

I would recommend this enjoyable novel to those that enjoy a fun, and lighthearted story that will make you laugh out loud. Happy Reading !!


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