Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Rochelle B. Weinstein, Author of “Somebody’s Daughter”

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  1. What motivates or inspires you to write your novel?

Our world is filled with inspiration. Ideas and plot twists swarm around my brain daily. Interactions and situations turn quickly into stories that mean something and matter. But, the one piece that resonates most with me when creating is feeling something for the story and the characters. If I don’t have a range of emotions for a specific idea, it’s sometimes difficult for me to write. My readers expect a heartfelt, emotional read so being able to access those authentic feelings motivates and inspires the creative juices. For Somebody’s Daughter, I felt a genuine concern for parents and their children (myself included) navigating a complicated world. Despite our best efforts, we may not always be able to prevent our children from messing up, and I needed to write a story that shed light on imperfection and, ultimately, the healing power of acceptance.


  1. Are any of the characters based on anyone that you know?

One person can never encapsulate a single character—at least not in my novels. Often a character is a complex blend of multiple people and experiences. By extracting the emotions and reactions, the character is made human. When researching Somebody’s Daughter, I worked closely with the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative and victims of revenge porn and cyber-sexual harassment. Sadly, cyber-sexual crimes have afflicted communities across America, and I wrote about these characters to give a voice to all those victimized.


  1. What is your goal for your readers to take away after reading your novel?

For one, there is no such thing as perfect. Second, even with the best intentions, we don’t always have control over our children and their choices. With that in mind, I hope every parent or teenager who picks up this novel chooses kindness/empathy if faced with a friend or loved one who has “messed up.” It truly can happen to anyone. And finally, sexting and/or sharing explicit sexual videos or photos is a crime. Being a minor can’t and won’t protect you.


  1. How do you maintain a “balance” in your life, being a mother, author, etc?

I have always lived my life in balance by writing while the kids are at school and being Mom in the evenings and weekends. Obviously, that’s not always exact, but it’s a goal I work toward, and it’s manageable. As a parent of older teens (now 18) I am a lot freer to write as they have no interest in being with me anymore! Our sons (and my husband) value and appreciate my work ethic and I relish in making them proud.


  1. In your downtime what are some hobbies, (cooking, pets, sewing, reading, etc.) that you enjoy?

I’m a huge reader. When I’m not writing I’m devouring a good book. I love to hike, take long walks, relax on the sunny beaches of Miami, Pilates, puzzles, and snuggling with our dogs. My husband is the best person to walk with because he comes up with some great plot twists. Other than that, I enjoy being with my family and knowing everyone is happy.


  1. Are you writing any new projects, and if you are can you share something with us?

My fifth novel is titled This Is Not How It Ends, and it’s the story of love and friendship between Charley, Phillip, and Ben. This one will just break your heart. The story takes place in the Florida Keys and leaves you guessing until the very end.


  1. Where and how would you like your readers to contact you ?(or follow you)

I love connecting with readers.







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