My Review of “Rush” by Lisa Patton


fullsizeoutput_34a2My Review of “Rush” by Lisa Patton  St. Martin’s Press. August, 2018

Lisa Patton, Author of “Rush” has written a enthralling, captivating, significant, unique, emotional and heartwarming perspective of sorority life in Oxford, Mississippi,, on the Ole Miss Campus.  I loved  Lisa Patton’s vivid descriptions, witty and tasteful details, and the colorful cast of characters in this southern novel. The Genres for this novel are Fiction and  Women’s Fiction.

I attended a local college within commuting distance, and never had the time or options to join a sorority, and I enjoyed reading about the lifestyle and housing. What is so amazing  is the realization that the houses that these girls lived in required help to  feed, clean and keep it going.  The women and men that helped to take care of the young women were there  all hours and seemed to provide the emotional support and physical comfort that were required. I appreciate that the author brings this to our attention, instead of keeping it in the background.

The author describes the excitement of the young “girls” coming to college, and longing to have a place to belong.  The process of finding a sorority, and being accepted is extremely anxiety provoking and there is high tension. The settling in , going to classes, finding friends and making and  bonding ever-lasting friendships is important.

The author also discusses the roles of the parents, especially the mothers in this story. Some of the sorority life revolves around “Pedigrees” and being in a higher social class. There is still evidence of some discrimination against people of color, and people in a lower class by  some of the characters.

I love that the author  leaves us with the feeling that change is possible, courage, determination, love and hope are so important. I highly recommend this novel to readers of Women’s Fiction. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.


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  1. Linda, I am honored you chose to read RUSH!! I know full well how many reading options there are and i want you to k ow I’m grateful for the gift of your time and ultra kind words. ❤️❤️❤️


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