Lindas Book Obsession Review of “The Dream Daughter” by Diane Chamberlain

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The Dream Daughter

The Dream Daughter ABOUT


Diane Chamberlain (Goodreads Author)
4.43  ·  Rating details ·  721 Ratings  ·  551 Reviews

From bestselling author Diane Chamberlain comes an irresistible new novel.

When Caroline Sears receives the news that her unborn baby girl has a heart defect, she is devastated. It is 1970 and there seems to be little that can be done. But her brother-in-law, a physicist, tells her that perhaps there is. Hunter appeared in their lives just a few years before—and his appearance was as mysterious as his past. With no family, no friends, and a background shrouded in secrets, Hunter embraced the Sears family and never looked back.

Now, Hunter is telling her that something can be done about her baby’s heart. Something that will shatter every preconceived notion that Caroline has. Something that will require a kind of strength and courage that Caroline never knew existed. Something that will mean a mind-bending leap of faith on Caroline’s part.

And all for the love of her unborn child.

A rich, genre-spanning, breathtaking novel about one mother’s quest to save her child, unite her family, and believe in the unbelievable. Diane Chamberlain pushes the boundaries of faith and science to deliver a novel that you will never forget. (less)

The Dream Daughter
fullsizeoutput_35cdLINDAS BOOK OBSESSION REVIEW    “THE DREAM DAUGHTER” BY DIANE CHAMBERLAIN.  St. Martin’s Press Oct. 2, 2018
Kudos to Diane Chamberlain, Author of “The Dream Daughter ” for  writing  such a unique, captivating, intense, intriguing, riveting,  unusual, time-changing, page turner. There are many layers in this novel. The Genres for “The Dream Daughter” are Fiction, Science-Fiction, Mystery and Suspense. The time-line for the events and characters is different and changing. Diane Chamberlain vividly describes the time-changing events and history and her colorful cast of characters. I loved everything about this book.
This story reminds me of “Back to the Future” and the “Time Machine.
I could visualize this being a screen play , movie or a series.
The author describes her characters as complex and complicated , possibly dictated by the events and circumstances in this story. We meet Caroline, a young physical therapist who is treating her first patient, Hunter, who appears quirky, full of secrets and surprises. Caroline is surprised to hear Hunter singing a new Beatles song that has never been heard before. Caroline introduces Hunter to her sister and they marry.  A short while later Caroline marries, and is devastated when she is told her husband was killed in Vietnam. Caroline is pregnant, and Hunter and her sister accompany her to physicians to check on her baby, when other doctors feel something is wrong. These doctors confirm in the year 1970 that Caroline’s unborn baby has a severe heart defect and won’t make it.
Hunter takes Caroline aside and offers a strange and unbelievable way to possibly save the baby. It involves Caroline having strength and faith to make a decision that could be dangerous. What will a mother’s love allow Caroline to do?
There are twists and turns and ups and downs in this novel.  This is a marriage of faith and science.  Diane Chamberlain eloquently describes a mother’s love, emotional support, hope and faith. I would highly recommend this novel to readers who appreciate a story that makes you think and ponder after you read it. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.

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