Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “In Your Hands” by Ines Pedrosa

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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “In Your Hands” by Ines Pedrosa, Translated by Andrea Rosenberg, @Amazon Crossing  October 16, 2018

Ines Pedrosa, Author of “In Your Hands” has written a unique, expressive, political story told by three female narratives. The novel was translated by Andrea Rosenberg.  The Genres for this book are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and Historical Fiction. The author writes about “the struggle of independence and fight against oppression”. The timeline of the novel starts in Portugal in 1935.There are three generations of women in this family up to the present that tell each side of their story.

The author describes her dysfunctional cast of characters as complex and complicated. In 1935, Jenny marries Antonio, not aware that Antonio’s love is Pedro. Jenny conveys her thoughts through a journal.  The three live together which is certainly not a conventional way of living in this time era.  The reader gets to see the Political unrest throughout  the years.

During a period of rebellion, Pedro has a daughter with another woman, and gives the daughter to Jenny to raise, after the woman dies. Camilla is brought up by Jenny as her daughter, and is brought up in Jenny’s home with Antonio and Pedro. Camilla tells her story of life through the lens of a camera, just like her birth mother had. During her career as a photo-journalist, she has a relationship and Natalia is born. Natalia is concerned with architecture, and looks how to piece things together. Natalia communicates by letters to her now deceased Grandmother Jenny.

This is a heavy,thought -provoking , serious read, with some tones of melancholy interjected. There is a search for love, freedom, peace and hope.  It is the story of the three generation  women’s struggle. I would recommend this novel for those readers who enjoy a story that leaves you thinking after you are finished with it.



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