Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Beach Haven” by Tammy L. Grace


fullsizeoutput_37bbLindas Book Obsession Reviews “Beach Haven” by Tammy L. Grace

Tammy L. Grace, Author has written “Beach Haven” as the first of a brand new series.I eagerly await the other books in the series. Tammy L. Grace has written an emotional, heartwarming, delightful, entertaining, witty story about starting over, over-coming adversity, making new choices, and attitude adjustments.  The Genres for this story are Fiction and Women’s Fiction. The author describes her intriguing characters as helpful, thoughtful, and friendly. Some characters have their own sets of problems to work out.

Lily is no stranger to loss. Both of Lily’s parents have passed away, and with the death of her husband, Lily decides to move 3,000 miles to a house and cottages she had inherited from her Uncle. Lily feels most comfortable by the ocean and the  Glass Beach Cottage, and the fantastic views are so very calming. Lily’s son is away at school, and this is the opportunity for Lily to heal and start to live again.

My favorite characters are the wonderful dogs, puppy and llamas. As an animal lover, who can resist the descriptions of such well-behaved  and lovable animals. I appreciate that the author brings up training puppies to be hearing assistant dogs for those people who have a hearing impairment.

This is a perfect chance for Lily to meet some new helpful friends, and the people who rent the cottages are very interesting. This is a comfortable easy read, and I recommend this for those readers who enjoy stories of making life more worthwhile. In this novel, the author describes emotional support from family, friends, neighbors, and loved ones, and having hope.

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