Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Barbara Taylor Bradford, Author of “Master of His Fate” Part of @Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Lindas Book Obsession Interviews Barbara Taylor Bradford, Author of “Master of His Fate” part of @Suzy Approved Book Tours

  1. Congratulations, Author Barbara Taylor Bradford on so many years of writing wonderful novels. What made you decide to be a writer?

I started writing at the age of 7 and sold my first short story at 10 years old. Then I became a journalist at 16.


  1. What was your motivation or inspiration for writing “Master of His Fate”?

I had the image of a 14-year old boy in my head, and suddenly understood he lived in Victorian times and would be a male Woman of Substance… Jimmy Falconer.


  1. What are your goals for the readers to take away with them after reading your book?

My goals are that they enjoyed the story, learned about Victorians, and couldn’t wait for the new book.


  1. What are your favorite genres of books? To write? To read?

I love writing family sagas; I like reading mysteries.


  1. What are hobbies or things you like to do in your downtime?

I don’t have hobbies. I enjoy reading, traveling, and going to the theater.


  1. How do you keep a balance in your life between family and writing?

Since I write in my library at home I can easily balance everything. Writing and running into the kitchen to cook dinner.


  1. What is a typical day in the life of Barbara Taylor Bradford?
    I am an early riser. Up by 6 AM; desk at 7 AM. Break at 4 PM. I am very busy and live by schedules. I couldn’t manage otherwise.


  1. Can you tell us of any writing projects that you have on the table? (Any hints that you can give us)
    I am now working on The Lion’s Den, my second book in The House of Falconer series. It continues the story from the end of book one.


  1. How many books will be in this series?
    I think 4, but possibly six because I do include the Great War (WWI), and Edwardian England.


  1. How should readers connect with you?
    Through my website:




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