Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Sunday Best” by Ann Lineberger

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fullsizeoutput_3838Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Sunday best” by Ann Lineberger

Ann Lineberger, Author of “Sunday best” has written  a unique, intriguing, intense, captivating, suspenseful and entertaining novel. The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Mystery and Suspense, Satire, and Dark Humor. The timeline for this story takes place in the present and past when it pertains to the characters or events in this story.  The author’s unusual, dysfunctional and quirky characters are described as complex and complicated.

Charles Bloom gets his staff, and detectives together to find out who murdered his brother Walter. The only things Walter seemed to love were food and sex clubs. Charles has his journalists investigate the variety of sex clubs that Walter did frequent. His murder seems to remind the community of a young woman killed in the same manner twenty-eight years before. Lauren Marks and Brooke Edwards, are sisters that work for Charles and are used to unusual activity. Their mother was a founder of a Unity Church and also claimed to be a clairvoyant. Now she is a famous clairvoyant, with all kinds of crystals being sold on QVC.

What do the Unity Church and sex clubs have in common? Why do clues keep leading to the same people? The author seems to be making a statement through her wit, and satire. I appreciate that the author writes about the greed, jealousy, aggression and unhappiness of the  characters.  This is a thought-provoking novel that makes you thing about what should provide happiness, love, and hope. I would recommend this novel for those readers who entire satire and mystery.




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