Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “THE WARTIME SISTERS” BY Lynda Cohen Loigman

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Linda’s Book Review Reviews “THE WARTIME SISTERS” BY LYNDA COHEN LOIGMAN   St. Martin’s Press, January 22, 2019

Lynda Cohen Loigman, Author of “THE WARTIME SISTERS”  has written an enthralling, captivating, emotional, intense, intriguing  and riveting novel. The Genres for this story are Historical Fiction, and Fiction. The time-line for this story starts in Brooklyn in the 1930’s and goes through World War Two, in the Springfield Armory, Massachusetts.   The author describes her colorful  characters as complex and complicated possibly due to the circumstances.

This is a story of sisterhood,  both familial and during wartime, and survival. Sisters Ruth and Millie have never been close, even when they were toddlers. There was always a sibling rivalry between them. Ruth was the studious and serious type always responsible, and seeking approval. Millie was the blue-eyed, “gorgeous” sister, who seemed to get away with many things. As they grew up in Brooklyn, it seemed that Ruth’s dates preferred the lovely Millie. In their dysfunctional household, their mother would stress that Millie would marry a prince. It just seemed to Ruth, that her mother favored Millie.

Ruth finds the opportunity for a fresh start, when her husband is offered a job at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts. Unfortunately tragedy has occurred, and Millie is left in Brooklyn all alone. Ruth finds a group of friends, and has an important job.  It becomes necessary for Millie to reach out to Ruth, when her husband is gone. Millie and her young son move to Massachusetts to be with Ruth’s family. Millie gets a job, and starts to find herself  again at odds with Ruth.

Millie works in the factory, making  parts for guns and rifles. She meets some a few good friends. During the war, it is the sisterhood of others that is so helpful and gives each other emotional support. I appreciate that the author discusses the importance of family, friends, emotional support, loyalty, love, and hope.

When someone from the past appears who is dangerous, the sisters must face the reality of the situation. Can they learn to forgive and move forward during such turbulent times? Can there be peace between the sisters as war looms on.

I highly recommend this novel to readers who appreciate Historical Fiction.

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