Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “In Dog We Trust” by Beth Kendrick

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “In Dog We Trust” by Beth Kendrick, Berkley Books, January 8, 2019

Beth Kendrick, Author of “In Dog We Trust” has written an enjoyable, amusing, entertaining, lovable story. If you love animals, this book will definitely make you smile. The Genres for this book are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, and Romance. The  timeline for this story is in the present, and only goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events in the story. The colorful characters in the story each have their own personalities, and problems, including the dogs.

Jocelyn Hillier is an ambitious, honest young women, who is extremely hardworking, and loves animals.  Jocelyn helps her Mom do the laundry for the renters of the community. These would be the wealthy seasonable visitors that reside in the seaside community. Joscelyn’s mother has warned her to stay away from any possible romantic entanglements with the wealthy visitors.

Jocelyn finds herself helping wealthy and obnoxious Mr. Allardyce with his highly pedigreed dogs. She walks them and gives them love. When Mr. Allardyce  dies, Jocelyn finds herself in the position of being legal guardian of his dogs, and living in his mansion with a tremendous amount of money that she is able to spend. Instead of being a seasonal resident, Jocelyn is now living in the wealthy tourist style, which she is not used to at all. Of course this new arrangement has irritated some people who believe that Jocelyn has no right to anything Mr. Allardyce’s will stated. One of those who will fight her is Liam, Mr. Allardyce’s son.

In addition to possibly fighting the will, can it be possible that Liam is cute and a nice guy as well? Of course, Jocelyn takes note that her dogs require a tremendous amount of maintenance, and some of the most lovable moments center around the dogs.  The most important stipulation of the will is that Jocelyn must be guardian of the dogs. Yet, there are some people who question that as well.  What does one do? Is it love or money?  Which is more important?

I had a good time reading this book, and had some chuckles. This is a heartwarming story, and I highly recommend this to readers who love animal stories with romance. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review. Happy Reading!!

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