Lindas Book Obsession Reviews”Not For Nothing” “Glimpses Into A Jersey Girlhood” by Kathy Curto


fullsizeoutput_3ab7Kathy Curto , Author of “Not for Nothing ” Glimpses Into a Jersey Girlhood” has written  am emotional , descriptive and intense memoir of her growing up in New Jersey. This is a coming of age story.  In this Memoir, Kathy Curto has written mini stories of her recollections of life in New Jersey. I appreciate the honesty, compassion and the vivid heart-breaking details that are mentioned in many of the stories. The timeline for these stories are mostly in the nineteen seventies.

These are stories of family, friends, rage, love, and hope. The author writes about life as she sees in her  father’s garage business. Often her mother sends her out to get cold sodas for the customers waiting for their cars. She remembers dancing for the customers in the garage. Music and songs playing on the radio are often mentioned. The author lovingly describes her mother’s cooking.  Kathy also mentions that fits of rage, and platters flying and dishes crashing, when her father was angry. Often her father or mother would use the term “Who do you think you are? Finally having enough, Kathy’s Mother takes her siblings and moves out and starts working independently.

Somehow her parents reconcile, and buy a second house closer to the beach where Kathy has some nice memories and some good friends. In this coming of age book, the author discusses young adults and drugs. Often it is too close to home. I would recommend this well written Memoir for this readers who enjoy coming of age stories in this time frame.



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