An Interview with James Alan Ross, Author of “The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool, Whispers in Black Willow” with Lindas Book Obsession, Part of Suzy Approved Book Tours

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  • Our special deepest thanks to James Alan Ross for taking the time to speak with Lindas Book Obsession about your book and you!! What a fun time!!!
  • What was your inspiration in becoming an author?


James:I have always loved good stories. Books, TV shows, movies – anything that tells a good story. Since I was very little, I had the urge to tell, create my own stories. I guess the inspiration is simply the desire to create something, a story that generates emotions in people.


  1. What advice would you give to others who want to write?


James:Read a lot. Especially if you’re writing fiction, like me. The more you read, the easier writing becomes.


Find someone you trust. My editor, Leslie, is someone I’ve known for years, and completely trust with my creativity. While remaining totally positive and supportive, she has never been afraid to tell me when something I’ve written isn’t good enough or needs work. Her honesty improves my writing and pushes my stories to a higher level.


Make writing a priority. Even if it is a hobby, don’t treat it like one.




  1. What are your feelings about the Paranormal? Ghosts? Psychics?


James: I absolutely believe in ghosts! In preparation for writing Dylan, my daughters and I conducted a series of paranormal investigations at some extremely haunted locations. The evidence we collected, the experiences we had can’t be denied. No one will ever tell me otherwise.


Do I believe there are those with psychic abilities that can connect with the “otherside”? Absolutely, I do. I believe in God, so I believe that the world came from supernatural origins. If the world came from a supernatural source, there must be a supernatural world. It only makes sense that some would be born with the gift to connect to it.



  1. What are your goals for readers to take away after reading “The Haunting of Dylan Klaypool”?


James: Don’t assume you have all the answers. Life circumstances are not always as they seem. In both the natural and supernatural side of Dylan’s story, preconceptions and prejudices have led to tragedy. Don’t be afraid to admit that you might not have it all figured out.



  1. What are your hobbies, and interests in your downtime?


James: I like to hike and fish (always catch and release). I love live music. Whether big shows like Pearl Jam and Celine Dion or just someone playing their heart out in a coffee shop, I enjoy it. Scary movies with my daughters, NBA games with my girlfriend, just hanging out with the people I love.



  1. What are your favorite genres to read? Write?


James: Mostly, I read psychological thrillers, mysteries, anything that keeps me on the edge of my seat. If it scares me, I usually like it.


  1. How do you balance your life with writing and other responsibilities?


James:I would say that seventy-five percent of the first draft of Dylan was written on my phone. I’ve gotten really good at it! This helps me balance writing with everything else. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, during the first draft part of the process, I can write.




  1. Can you tell us anything about your future writing projects?


James:Right now, I’m all Dylan. The second book, Shadow Summoner, will be out later this year. It’s a little darker than book one, and it moves a little faster, too. A lot of readers have told me they enjoy the chemistry between Dylan and Mitch. I’m very satisfied with how the two of them continue growing together in Shadow Summoner. I expect readers will, too.


  1. If this were a screenplay or movie, what actors would you choose to play the main characters?


James:This is an awesome question. In about five to ten years, Kevin Costner would make the perfect gravedigger. Brec Bassinger would be a fantastic Dylan. Annette Benning could play a great Candice. Jessica Lowndes is the perfect Ms. Castle. Mitch Wolf… he’s tough. We might need a nationwide search of undiscovered talent to truly find a Mitch Wolf.



  1. How would you like the readers to connect and follow you?


James: I’m on Instagram and Facebook @jamesalanross. My website is





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