Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Last Time I Saw You” by Liv Constantine



Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “The Last Time I Saw You” by Liv Constantine, Harper, May 7, 2019

WOW! WOW! WOW! Liv Constantine, (Authors) of “The Last Time I Saw You” have written an intense, captivating, intriguing, chilling, unpredictable, page-turning novel. The Genres for this Novel are Mystery, Thriller, Suspense and Fiction. I couldn’t put this  book down, and read it in one sitting.  This is another novel, by the same authors, where I was at the edge of my seat, and any sound made me jump. The time-line for this novel is in the present. The authors describe the characters as complex and complicated. So many of the characters seem suspect of the crimes at hand.

Dr. Kate English, looks like she has the perfect life. She has a gorgeous young daughter, is a physician, has a family, and is extremely wealthy.  Kate’s mother has been brutally murdered. It seems that  Kate’s mother was beloved by many, and yet there seems to be suspects who are close to Kate.

Soon, Kate starts getting deadly gifts, and strange threatening notes, where it is obvious that someone wants to harm or kill Kate. Kate’s friend Blair starts trying to investigate and come up with answers, that the Police haven’t been able to find.

This novel reminds me of “Gaslight”, and Kate is doubting many of the things she is doing. It is like a game of cat and mouse. It is deadly. Who is/are the killers?  Why is Kate being threatened?  I highly recommend this amazing novel to readers who enjoy chilling thrillers.

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