Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Trophy Life” by Lea Geller for Suzy Approved Book Tours, Lake Union Publishing, April 2019

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fullsizeoutput_34f8image_577582538349301Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Trophy Life” by Lea Geller,  April 9, 2019 Part of Suzy Approved Book Tours


Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Trophy Life” by Lea Geller, Lake Union Publishing, April 9, 2019

Lea Geller, Author of “Trophy Life” has written a witty, intriguing, entertaining, and thought-provoking novel. The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, with a touch of humor.
The time-line for this story is in the present and goes to the past, when it pertains to the characters or events. Lea Geller describes her characters as complex, complicated and dysfunctional.

Agnes Parsons life has been extremely comfortable for the last ten years. Agnes has all the jewelry she can want, the most expensive clothes, a house-keeper, and a nanny to take care of the baby and a handsome husband. Does this sound too good to be true?

It seems too good to be true when Agnes finds out that her husband has problems and deep secrets, and she and the baby have to leave the only home they know. They are told it is for their safety, and they are in danger.

Only where is her husband? Why does the tiny apartment given to her by the school she will be teaching middle school English, have mice and leaks?

Agnes finds there are secrets where she is working. There are betrayals from certain people. What is Agnes to do?

I appreciate that Lea Geller discusses the importance of family, friends, and love. I would recommend this delightful and witty novel for readers who enjoy an entertaining story. I received an ARC for my honest review.

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