Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Mistress of the Ritz” by Melanie Benjamin, May 2019

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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Mistress of the Ritz” by Melanie Benjamin  May 2019

Melanie Benjamin, Author of “Mistress of the Ritz has written an emotional, intense, suspenseful, captivating, riveting, and intriguing novel. The Genres of this Novel are Historical Fiction, based on many true events, and Suspense. The timeline for this story is just before the Germans occupied France, and during their occupation. This takes place during World War 11.  The story takes place at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. The author describes her colorful cast of characters as complex and complicated.

I appreciate the amount of historical research and time that Melanie Benjamin has done for this novel.  The Ritz Hotel attracts many guests like Ernest Hemingway, Coco Chanel, and others. Claude Auzello and his wife Blanche are considered the “Mistress and Master of the Ritz” Claude is the hotel’s director and manager. The hotel is luxurious, and for the wealthy. The guests are treated to the very best of everything.

The Auzello’s marriage is very complex and complicated and there are many secrets that are hidden in the Ritz. Claude is a Frenchman, and Blanch is an American, and their cultural differences are tremendous. When the Germans occupy the city and the hotel, life changes for the Auzellos. Both Claude and Blanche are harboring even more dangerous secrets.

During this turbulent and dangerous time of the war, the Auzello’s have to learn that their fight is together. I highly recommend this novel for lovers of Historical Fiction.


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