Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Have You Seen Luis Velez?” by Catherine Ryan Hyde

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fullsizeoutput_4110Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Have You Seen Luis Velez?” by Catherine Ryan Hyde, May 2019

Catherine Ryan Hyde, Author of “Have You Seen Luis Velez” has written a unique, enthralling, emotional, intriguing, captivating and heartwarming novel.  The Genre for this story is Fiction. This is also a Beautiful Coming of Age Story.  I love everything about this wonderful book. Catherine Ryan Hyde is an amazing storyteller, and her vivid and colorful descriptions of her characters and the landscape are so realistic. The story takes place in and around New York City. The author describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated.

Raymond Jaffe, 17 years old feels like an outcast in his family.  His best friend is moving away, and his other friend is a kitten that he rescues. He is in his building when an older woman asks him if he or anyone has seen Luis Velez? As Raymond is speaking to Mildred Gutermann, who is 92 years old and blind, he realizes she has no caretaker. Raymond starts helping Mildred and is looking for Luis Velez, who had been helping Mildred. Meanwhile, Raymond and Mildred are becoming good friends.

It seems there are a number of  Luis Velez’s’ in the phone book. Raymond goes and visits some of them. There are some interesting encounters, but Raymond has yet to find the correct Luis Velez.

I appreciate that Catherine Ryan Hyde discusses the importance of kindness and friendship. Also discussed are the different prejudices and biases that are based on wealth and poverty, and religion and race.  The author writes about love, acceptance, friendship, family, kindness, love, and hope. I highly recommend this amazing book.


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