Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck and Fortune” By Roselle Lim, Berkley, June 11, 2019

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fullsizeoutput_4280.jpegLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune” by Roselle Lim, Berkley, June 11, 2019

Roselle Lim, Author of “Natalie Tan’s Book of Luck & Fortune” has written an enchanting, intriguing, captivating, savory and delicious story. The Genres for this novel are Fiction, Women’s Fiction, with a dash of Magical Realism and Romance. There also is a huge cultural component to this story.  The author describes her colorful cast of characters as quirky, temperamental, complex and complicated. Most of the story is told in San Franciso’s Chinatown.

Natalie Tan has been estranged from her mother for seven years and sees and hears a bird and knows that her mother has died. At the same time, a phone call from her mother’s neighbor confirms this. With a heavy heart, Natalie heads home. She realizes that the neighborhood has changed. Most of the businesses are attached to the homes. Natalie has to be respectful and observes the cultural ways.

Natalie discovers that her mother and grandmother also had a major falling out. Her Grandmother was one of the best Chinese cooks around, and the restaurant is part of Natalie’s house. Natalie also loves to cook and appreciates music. One of the neighbors has a cookbook that belonged to her grandmother, and suggest that Natalie should cook and can make the neighbors and neighborhood better.

Roselle Lim has tastefully included many recipes for the reader that sound amazing. If Natalie would bring the restaurant back, would that help the neighborhood?  I appreciate that the author discusses acknowledging mental illness and the importance of family, friends, neighbors, communication, love, and hope. I would highly recommend this delightful story.


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