Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Layover’ by David Bell, Berkley Publishing, July 2019

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fullsizeoutput_42ebLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Layover” by David Bell, Berkley Publishing, July 2019

WOW! David Bell, Author of “Layover” Berkley Publishing, July 2019, has written an intense, intriguing, captivating, suspenseful, unpredictable thriller and mystery. The Genres for this book are Suspense and Mystery, Psychological Thriller and Fiction. This story takes place in many airports. The author describes his characters as complex, complicated, confused, and ambivalent.

I enjoy the edgy feel and thought-provoking appeal of David Bell’s novels and find that once I start reading I have trouble stopping. That means I continue reading through the night and wake up irritable and tired. “Layover” is the type of book where I want my questions answered! There are twists and turns, excitement and adventure. There are a few surprises in store for the reader.

Joshua Fields is an ordinary, wishy-washy type of a guy, with a good family job that involves spending a lot of time on airplanes. Joshua is an anxious flyer and seems to feel like his life is in a rut. During a layover, Joshua meets a mysterious woman in a hat with sunglasses, who says that her name is Morgan. She kisses him and tells him that she will never see him again.

Joshua notices on the television a picture of the same woman mentioning that she is a missing person.  Joshua wants to take the appropriate action. Little does Joshua know how his life will never be the same. There is an adventure, the chase, intrigue suspense, murder, and danger. I highly recommend “Layover” for those readers who enjoy a great psychological suspense novel.

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