Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Bethlehem​” by Karen Kelly, St. Martin’s Press, July 9, 2019

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Bethlehem” by Karen Kelley, St Martins Press, July 9, 2019


Karen Kelly, Author of “Bethlehem” writes a Fiction novel, with some Historical Background. There are two storylines from around 1918 and 1962, two timelines that eventually connect. There is suspense, secrets, betrayals, romance, and twists and turns. Karen Kelly describes her characters as complex and complicated. The author discusses the importance of family, forgiveness, love and hope.

The Historical part of the story describes the upstart of Bethlehem Steel, and the importance of the use of such materials, as well as the wealth it provided some families. The story is also described in the cemetery and the caretakers who know the history of the town. I would recommend this suspenseful and surprising novel.

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