Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews”All the Flowers in Paris” by Sarah Jio, Ballantine Books, August 13, 2019

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fullsizeoutput_4573Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “All the Flowers in Paris” by Sarah Jio, Ballantine Books, August 13, 2019

WOW!! Sarah Jio, author of “All the Flowers in Paris” has written an intense, edgy, intriguing, captivating, riveting, poignant, page-turning, emotional and heartbreaking novel. Make sure to have lots of Kleenex on hand. The Genres for this story are Fiction and Historical Fiction. There are two timelines in this novel, that eventually come together. There are two storylines and sets of characters that have much in common. The story is set in Paris, during World War Two and the present. The author describes her dramatic characters as complex, and complicated. Some characters are good, and some are extremely evil. There are twists and turns, suspense, dark secrets, loyalty, betrayals, and danger.

Paris is known for its beauty and flowers, and in “All the Flowers in Paris” the beauty is shown in contrast to ugliness and heartbreak in life. In the present, Caroline is riding on a bicycle as fast as she can, and is in a terrible accident with a truck. When she wakes up in the hospital she has lost most of her memories. Her purse is with her and her identification is in her wallet. Many things are so unfamiliar to her, and people seem to have a strange reaction to her. She becomes friends with a Chef, at a restaurant that she used to frequent. She does have flashbacks of a child.

When the Germans occupied Paris during World War Two, it was a terrible and tragic time. Celine, a young widow lives with her daughter and father, a florist in a simple apartment. One of the German soldiers takes notice of Celine. Celine’s father is partially Jewish. Suddenly it becomes very dangerous to live.

This is a story that tugged at my heartstrings. It reminds me of “Sarah’s Key”. I would highly recommend this emotional and thought-provoking novel.

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