Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “China in Another Time” by Claire Malcolm Linitilhac, Rootstock Publishing, Oct.2019, for Suzy Approved Book Tours

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D0A62AEC-8DD2-45EF-B31B-D14D2FCA2A2FLinda’s Book Obsession Reviews “China in Another Time” by Claire Malcolm Lintilhac, Rootstock Publishing, Oct. 2019 for Suzy Approved Book Tours

Claire Malcolm Lintilhac, author of “China In Another Time A Personal Story” has written a memorable, poignant, historical, and thought-provoking memoir. Claire’s father was a Canadian physician and seemed to be a big influence on Claire’s life. Claire decided to be a nurse and often would travel in China to see patients. Claire was born in 1899 and basically lived through much of the history in China. Claire spoke both English and Chinese.

In this book are many pictures, that Claire had taken over time, which helps document what Claire is telling us. Claire was well aware that the water had to be boiled, and any instruments had to be sterilized. There was a big difference between North China and Southern China. In one area, the people ate rice and the other noodles.

Claire’s father had a radio and was able to get some news and later transmit news, which turned out to be advantageous. I find it absolutely astonishing that Claire lived through the Boxer Rebellion, other wars, and was able to recount when Japan attached China. It is also quite remarkable that Claire continued to work and help the people, during dangerous times. She was courageous, brave and committed to her goals.

Claire did marry an English businessman, and they had a son. At one point, Claire had gotten sick. When the Communists walked into China in 1949, Claire and her family were lucky to find a way to leave China.  I would highly recommend this amazing memoir for readers who enjoy History.


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