Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “I Know How This Ends” by Amy Impellizzeri, March 3, 2020

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4B18DAAB-FA0B-4D2A-8E69-0F7CC0A7B5F2Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “I Know How This Ends” by Amy Impellizzeri, March 3, 2020

Amy Impellizzeri, author of “I Know How This Ends” writes a captivating, intense and unique sequel to “Lemongrass Hope”. The Genres for this Novel are Fiction, and  Sub-Genres of Time Travel and A Parallel Universe. The timelines for this novel is between 2001 and 2020.  I read “I Know How This Ends” without reading “Lemongrass Hope”, and I will definitely go back and read “Lemongrass Hope”. Amy Impellizzeri did make it clear enough to follow. The author describes her characters as complex, complicated and confused. There are twists, turns, changes of fates, and secrets.

When I looked up to find out what genre “time-travel” is part of, I found out that it could be considered part of Fantasy, Science Fiction, or Philosophy. Not having the advantage of reading the first novel, I wanted more of an understanding of the genre/s I was reading.

Most of the characters from the first book are in this book.  A young journalist Rory, who is conflicted about her marriage, goes to cover a story about a protest. Because of the heavy traffic, Rory winds up at a university where college graduation is about to begin for those babies born on Sept. 11th, the year of the bombing in New York City. Rory is called over by a friendly face, Dee, who winds up telling her a very unusual story dealing with time travel, and significant characters. One of the questions that is brought up, is what happens if time travelers should collide?

I found this well-written story fascinating and I highly recommend this to readers who enjoy stories about time-travel.




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