Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The First Emma” by Camille Di Maio, Wyett-MacKenzie Publishing, May 5, 2020, for Suzy Approved Book Tours


C3E3F58A-EC3E-4142-BB7D-D49BBD55F8C5Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “The First Emma” by Camille Di Maio, Wyett-MackKenzie Publishing, May 5, 2020, for Suzy Approved Book Tours

Camille Di Maio, Author of “The First Emma” has written a novel based on true events, which is captivating, intriguing and memorable. The Genres for this Novel are Historical Fiction and Fiction. The timelines for this story are in 1914 and 1943. The timeline goes to the past when it pertains to the events or characters. The characters connect in a certain way between both timelines. Camille Di Maio describes her characters as complex and complicated.

I appreciate how the author vividly describes her characters, events, and motivations. In 1914, Otto Koehler marries Emma, and they embark on a journey together to build a business. Emma is an intelligent woman and offers a great intellectual and hands-on approach in their beer business. Otto is not content with having one business and branches into other businesses. Besides personal tragedy and betrayal, Emma is a very strong and independent woman.

In the timeline of 1942, an older Emma puts an advertisement in the newspaper looking for someone to write her memoir. Mabel Hartley applies for the position and honestly writes that she is not a writer, but gets the job. There seem to be other motivations in Emma’s decision to hire someone to write her biography. Mabel is quiet and hardworking and has had a disappointing live with tragedy and betrayals as well. The two women do work well together and form a significant bond.

Somehow, as Emma retells her story, and Mabel listens, there is a new change. Mabel becomes more assertive and confident and has the courage to speak her mind. Mable also has confidence and self-worth.

I appreciate that the author discusses that women can be courageous, bold and brave in times of adversity in a man’s world. Camille di Maio mentions the importance of moderation. The author also discusses the importance of respect, family, friendship, love, and hope. I would highly recommend this wonderful story.


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  1. I just love your reviews, Linda! You give a great description of the reading without giving any spoils. After having read a few books you have reviewed (not knowing you had reviewed them prior to me reading them), I find you explain on paper how I feel about the books. So, I want to read whatever you have read and reviewed in the positive!

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