Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Stretch Your Stress Away with ShaNay ” by ShaNay Norvell, Lale Publishing, December 19, 2019, for Suzy Approved Book Tours

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C626B5D2-0DFE-4BCC-BBA1-A2D0828F59E5Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Stretch Your Stress Away” with Sha Nay” by ShaNay Norwell. Lael Publishing, December 19, 2019, for Suzy Approved Book Tours

Kudos to ShaNay Norwell, the author of “Stretch Your Stress Away with ShaNay” has written an amazing, and self-help book on the importance of taking the best care of yourself. ShaNay describes how “Stretching your Stress Away” helps us be not only more flexible but relaxed. This will encourage the body and you to feel more energized, think clearly, and deal calmly with whatever stresses of life lie ahead. I appreciate that the author has provided the most wonderful and vivid pictures and descriptions of the various stretches.

In this current crisis that society is going through, I often feel like a rubber band that is ready to snap. ShaNay has reminded me how good I felt when I warmed up and did stretching during my exercise stage years ago. Now, I realize that stretching can be for every age, and the benefits are so helpful, healthy, and necessary to better think clearly and move around comfortably. Stretching is a wonderful “Stress Buster”.

On Page 110 of the book, ShaNay addresses “Mental Stretch” I  find this so helpful and the best advice. “Mental Stretch”  “I love, accept, respect and appreciate my body”

Please note that proceeds from this book go to “Family Ties” and other agencies and organizations that help victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence”

I would highly recommend this informative and easy to follow guide for everyone that has stress in their lives.





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