Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Wild Highway, by Devney Perry, June,2020

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2A95A8B8-43EE-47D0-92E0-864AE796EDA0Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Wild Highway”, by Devney Perry, June 2020

Devney Perry, Author of “Wild Highway” has written a steamy, entertaining, and captivating story. This is the second in the Runaway Series. This can be read alone. The genres are romance and contemporary fiction. The author describes her characters as complex and complicated.

Gemma Lane has accomplished many things as an adult. She has made millions of dollars. No one could believe she was part of a small group of young teenagers living in a junkyard while growing up. Gena borrows an expensive Cadillac that has been refurbished from one of those friends and is determined to bring it to the original owner in California. She has wanderlust and the need to find herself. Gena winds up stopping in  Montana to make amends with one of her former friends.

There she sees Easton Greer and alpha cowboy that once upon a time had her affections. He treats her like a spoiled wealthy girl. Only there are sparks. Gemma does reunite with her girlfriend and they become close. Will Gemma find a place to stay, or will she continue to ride the “Wild Highway”?

I would highly recommend this novel. The themes are forgiveness, second chances, finding love, and hope.

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