Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Trebors” by Caroline C. Barney, Total Point Press,2020 For Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Trebors” by Caroline C. Barney, Touch Point Press, 2020 for Suzy Approved Book Tours. Please note that 50% of the proceeds of this book are going to Save the Children.

Caroline C. Barney the author of “The Trebors” has written a captivating, intriguing, wonderful fantasy for children and adults. A portion of the proceeds of this book is going to Save the Children. The genres for this book are fantasy, and magical realism. The timeline for this story is set at any time. The author describes her characters as brave, courageous, helpful, thoughtful, and caring. There are also good and evil characters. The adult Trebors have responsibilities, and the men and women seem to have different roles. The Trebor children are inquisitive and question many things.

A terrible storm threatens the tree that The Trebors live in. Stella and Ebert try to listen to their mother telling them to stay close. Stella takes a look at the blackened outside and destruction of the storm. With her friend’s help, they decide to go to through the devastated land to the mountain to search for the fathers who never came home. Ebert is trailing behind, and soon finds himself in trouble.

The Trebors do meet other life-forms, and question if they are threatening or not. They encounter many dangers on their journey, and at times wish to go back to the safe tree that they live in.

I love the way Caroline C. Barney vividly describes the characters, the events, and the landscape. The author also discusses the importance of working together, and being kind. This would be a wonderful story for children who have been at home during the COVID quarantine and encourage them to use their imaginations. I would also recommend this to adults as a thought-provoking and entertaining fantasy. What a wonderful book to escape into!!!

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