Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Unspoken” by Ian K. Smith, Thomas & Mercer, October 1, 2020

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Unspoken” by Ian K. Smith, Thomas & Mercer, Oct. 1, 2020

Ian K. Smith has written an intense, and edgy novel. The genres for this novel are mystery, suspense, psychological thriller and fiction. The timeline for this story is set in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The author describes his characters as complex and complicated. There are betrayals, danger, and murder. Warning: There is one graphic scene written and vividly described by the author that I found extremely distasteful and sickening. I really wish I had been aware of that. I still would have read the book, but would have possibly passed over that part if given the choice.

Ashe Cayne was a former member of the Chicago Police department, and now is working as a Private Investigator. He is financially comfortable and chooses what cases he wants to work on. Ashe Cayne seems to work in a grey area, not black or white. He gets things done in the way he wants to. One of the wealthiest women in the area wants Ashe to find her missing daughter.

For a while Ashe does work with the police, and meets some intriguing, dramatic characters. Much of the action takes place in Chicago, and involves gang members, and wealthy business people with their own agenda.

During the search for Tinsley, the daughter, Ashe is also working on another case involving a deviant priest.

There is plenty of action, suspense, twists and turns, threats, danger and murder. This is a perfect read for someone that enjoys a twisted dark story.

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