Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “One More Round” by Alice Clayton, December 2020

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “One More Round” by Alice Clayton, December 2020

Alice Clayton, the author of “One More Round” has written a delightful, witty and romantic novella. The genres for this novella, or short story are romantic comedy, women’s fiction and fiction. Where has Alice Clayton been for the last few years? I certainly have missed her unique sense of humor and her characters in some of her books. This short novella can be read stand alone, but is a follow-up to “Wallbanger” which was written several years ago. I recommended “Wallbanger” to several friends at the time, and it is so wonderful so get a glimpse of the characters, Caroline and Simon, and their friends, and personable cat, with his own harem.

Simon and Caroline now seem to have almost everything. They are set in their professions, and have a beautiful house, and great friends. The only thing missing is children. They certainly have tried, but is an extended family in their future? I can promise you twists and turns.

I certainly hope that Alice Clayton continues to stay and write. Her presence back is a welcome treat. I highly recommend that you read “Wallbanger”, where we first meet Caroline and Simon, and of course I highly recommend “One More Round”

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