Winners of 8,000 followers on Linda’s Book Obsession on FB.


I didn’t highlight the winner’s names on purpose. Please PM me at either my Page or My Group.

Please follow the instructions to get notified of your prize. Look for your name.

2 Winners for BOOK OF THE MONTH 3 month subscription

David Morgan and Christina Malter McComiskie. ****** Please send me your addresses

________________________________________________________________________________________________6 Winners of $25 Gift card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble ****Please send me your address and tell me your choice

Mindy Ehrlich

Leslie Henning

Carla Suto

Kelly L. Blair

Michelle L. Griffin

Michelle Linquist



4 bookmarks. Please send me your addresses so I can get them to Carol

Cindy King

Cora Hannold

Barbara La Rue Hynes

Connie Behrens



Please send me your address, so I can get these to Amy. These might take a few weeks, since they are hand-crafted, and well worth the wait.

Rita Pacchiana -Professional Book Worm

Vicki Versetti- Just One More Chapter

Lichy Haney- Happiness is Coffee and a Book

Kathy Roesler -I’d Rather Be Reading

Diane Allen Robertson- So Many Books So Little Time

Linda Milito Martin- Party & by Party I mean Stay at Home in my Pajamas and Read


5 Winners of $10 Starbucks Gift Cards ******Please PM your email

William Cato

Patti Fite

Lisa Murray

Debbie Hicks

Heidi Rose

6 comments on “Winners of 8,000 followers on Linda’s Book Obsession on FB.”

  1. Thank you Linda! XOXO
    And, thank you for messaging me…I haven’t been on FB much this past week, so, missed the post announcing the winners had been chosen.

    Liked by 1 person

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