Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Secret Stealers” by Jane Healey, April, 2021 on Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Secret Stealers” by Jane Healey, April 2021 on Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

WOW! Jane Healey, the author of “The Secret Stealers” has written a captivating, intriguing, intense, suspenseful and memorable novel. The genre for this novel is Historical Fiction. I love the way Jane Healey vividly describes the characters, the events, and the plot of this story. The timeline for this story is during World War Two. The author depicts her colorful and dramatic characters as courageous, brave, complex, and complicated

I have enjoyed Jane Healey’s books in the past and this novel is one edgy and thought-provoking novel. I appreciate the “sisterhood” of women and camaraderie of the men who are working during the war in such tragic and dangerous circumstances. The romances during war can be difficult at best, and the fear of loss is great. Also, it is amazing to realize the hours of research that the author has done to provide us with such an amazing novel.

Anna Cavanaugh, one of the protagonists in this story is a widow, with an itch to do something more with her life than teach French in school. Anna is proficient in English, French and Germany and has spent time in France. A family friend, Major General William Donovan recruits Anna to the Office of Strategic Services. At first Anna is his secretary, and as she gets the feeling and taste of doing her part for the war effort, she finds herself, in the position of stealing certain papers that are important. Anna now is determined to be in the intelligent community and be a spy. She learns how to transmit messages, in dangerous times. She finds herself in Paris, where resistance workers are tortured if caught or killed. She is in great danger at all times.

While Anna is behind enemy lines, she feels that this is something she is meant to do. Jane Healey has written a memorable story of love and loss during World War Two. I would highly recommend this novel for readers that enjoy reading Historical Fiction.

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