Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “Crazy Free” by Tori Starling, Juniper Ray Publishing,April 20,2021 On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Lindas Book Obsession Reviews ‘Crazy Free” by Tori Starling, April 20, 2021

Tori Starling, the author of “Crazy Free” has written a captivating, intriguing, memorable and thought-provoking novel. The genres for this novel are Historical Fiction, Domestic and Family Fiction, Mother, and Fiction. This is a well written story about three generations of women in one family, and that reflects in the timelines. This story has some deep and dark secrets, betrayals that if revealed will certainly have a cause and effect. I love the way the author vividly describes her characters, events, scenery and detailed plot of the story. The author describes her characters as complicated, and complex, each with their own set of problems to work out.

A good portion of the story revolves around a mental institution that in present time being sold, Emily, the granddaughter is assigned to write a story about this. Coincidentally her grandmother Kora was a patient in the mental institution, and Emily becomes curious about the circumstances. Pam, Emily’s mom and Kora’s daughter has been blamed by her father for Kora’s death. Pam is a powerful hardworking attorney.

In the past, women had no rights, and could be sent to an asylum or mental institution by her family for any reason. The “patients belonged to the institution, once they were signed in. As secrets start to unravel, the story told by the three characters unfolds, and tells about the hopes, dreams and disappointments that the women each had. I would highly recommend this inspiring and thought-provoking story to other readers.

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