Lindas Book Obsession Reviews “The Darkest Glare” by Chip Jacobs, Rare Bird Books, March 9,2021 On Tour With Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Darkest Glare” “A True Story of Murder, Blackmail, and Real Estate Greed” in 1979 Los Angeles” by Chip Jacobs, Rare Bird Books, March 9, 2021. On Tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

For those readers that enjoy the “True Crime Genre”, Chip Jacobs, the author of “The Darkest Glare” has written a unique and intriguing novel. Although the novel’s genre is stated to be “true crime”, it has the feel of fiction, satire, and dark humor. The timeline for this novel is set in 1979 in Los Angeles. The author describes 1979 as “Among the ingenious new products of 1979 blitzing into the American marketplace were some cultural-shifters, the Sony Walkman…” “the McDonald’s Happy Meal, and Atari’s “Asteroid” video game. On deck were voicemail and personal computers.” (page 69). Also the author discusses the betrayals, greed, blackmail, threats, danger, and murder during this time. This was a time of drug sales and drug use.

The author describes his dramatic characters as complex, complicated, greedy, mean-spirited and dysfunctional. Some are possibly psychotic or sociopaths. There are also some quirky and inept characters. The story is set in 1979 and goes to the past or future when it pertains to the characters or events.

I appreciate Chip Jacobs doing so much research for this novel. The author vividly describes in detail some gruesome crimes. Also mentioned are some crimes that really went wrong. An original partnership is left with only one of the “partners” who really has to run to safe his life. I would recommend this unusual crime drama to other readers.

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