Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “Last Liar Standing” by Danielle M. Wong, Red Adept Publishing, June 21, 2022. On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Danielle M. Wong, the author of “Last Liar Standing” has written an intense, twisted, captivating and suspenseful thriller. The genres are Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, and Fiction. The story takes place in the present and goes to the past when it pertains to the characters or events. The author describes her dramatic characters as complicated, complex, suspicious, and dysfunctional. There is gaslighting, betrayals, danger, greed, threats and murder.

After a tragic hit and run accident, Vonnie Kwan, the protagonist in the novel, finds herself in a Nevada hospital, with a form of amnesia that has wiped out the past nine years of her life. Can you imagine waking up in terrible pain with no memory of a portion of your life? Two detectives do visit, and Vonnie finds out that she has a husband John, that she doesn’t remember, and she is told that he has been recently killed.

When she is ready to leave the hospital, the detectives provide her with her address. Vonnie is stunned at the size of her house, and also finds out that she is a psychiatrist. Several characters introduce themselves, and she has no recollection of who they are.

Vonnie realizes that she has to find the missing pieces of her life, in order to deal with the present and future. Vonnie has some debilitating and frightening dreams and believes some are parts of her lost memory, and some are symbolic. Various unusual occurrences happen that make her very nervous and very suspicious of everyone around her. There are very edgy and scary moments. I would highly recommend this chilling thriller to other readers.

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