Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “The Child Between Us” by Alison Ragsdale, Bookouture, September 28, 2022

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WOW!! Alison Ragsdale, the author of “The Child Between Us” has written a memorable, emotional, and heartfelt novel. The genres of this novel are Sisters’ Fiction, and Women’s Literary Fiction. The author vividly describes her colorful and dramatic characters as complex, and complicated. Alison Ragsdale is an amazing writer, who can write both heartbreaking and hopeful topics with dignity, significance, and emotional compassion. As a reader, and a reviewer, I am enticed and captivated by the author’s words.

Twins, who were once so close have been estranged, and it is a big surprise to Cassie, when she gets a call that her sister has passed away. Cassie is surprised to find the home that her sister had lived in is nothing at all like she thought it would be. There are some other surprises as well. Cassie is introduced to a young child, Marina, who is her sister’s child. Now, it is Cassie’s obligation to bring Marina up. The father is not known.

Cassie is determined to find the answers to questions about her sister that are tormenting her. Sadie, her mother has been dealing with other loss, and Cassie is protective of her. As Cassie starts to piece parts of the puzzle, she realizes that she has been betrayed by her sister. For Cassie to move forward she has to learn to forgive. When Cassie looks at Marina, she is often a reminder of the past, as well as the present and future.

I appreciate that the author discusses important topics such as mental illness, communication, and honesty. The author also mentions the importance of family, sisters, mothers, forgiveness, second chances, love and hope. I would highly recommend this poignant and emotional novel to others. I would also recommend having plenty of Kleenex on hand.

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