Linda’s Book Obsession Reviews “A Bend of Light” by Joy Jordan-Lake, Lake Union Publishing, September 2022. On tour with Suzy Approved Book Tours

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Joy Jordan-Lake, the author of “A Bend of Light” has written an intriguing and captivating mystery. The genres for this novel are Mystery, Thriller, History Fiction, and Cozy Mystery. The timeline for this story is 1950 in a a small coastal town in Maine. The author describes her dramatic characters as complex, complicated, quirky, and suspect. One important question that does arise in this novel, is what exactly is a family? Another clue that the author mentions is that it is imperative that some of the characters deal with the secrets of their past, before they can move to the present and future.In this novel there are betrayals, secrets, dangers, attempted suicide, threats, and murders.

The female protagonist, Amie Stilwell, was a brilliant photographer, who interpreted all pictures for important information, to give to the Allied forces in England, during the war. Now unemployed, Amie and her dog return to her home in Maine, and seek out her surrogate mother Shibby. A young mute child is found with a note in his pocket that requests that Shibby take care of him. No one knows who the mother is.

Amie is looking to open a storefront for her photographs and other art, and greets people that she knew, and meets some new people. She wonders if Jake, a special friend is alive after the war. There are strange occurrences, and a dead body of a socialite is found in a barn, where Amy had been taking pictures.

Amie is able to give a different perspective on what is happening, because of her military training. She is looking to solve the mystery, and crime, and protect the child. I would highly recommend this intense novel to others.

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